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    About Us

    Our Culture

    Our Goals

    Be a Leading Global Operation and Service Provider in Decentralized Generation and Energy Managemen

    Idea of development

    Idea of development

    Our Vision: To create a world-famous brand, to build a century-lasting Linyang
    Our Mission: To create the greener environment, and create a better life
    Our Objectives: Customer is the first, credit is the basis and keep improving
    Our Spirit: Go on world without end, never scale new heights
    Our Values: Cherish the fate, cooperate sincerely, mutual benefits
    Our Strategy: Intelligent, energy saving, renewable energy
    Our Tactics: Extension, transformation and breakthrough

    Talent Concept

    Talent Concept

    Talents are the key to the development for Linyang. Linyang sincere invite experts in the fields of industrial management, financial investment, marketing and manufacturing for achieve the goal 'Be the largest interconnect operation and service provider in the field of distributed energy and energy efficiency management'.

    Atract Talents
    Seeking for talents like a thirsty person for water, attracting talents like all rivers run into sea, reserving talents like training an army for a thousand days to be used for just one hour.
    Educated Talents
    Importing of "People-oriented" education policy, building "learning enterprise", implementing personnel training project, and building enterprise core competitiveness.
    Distribute Talents
    Creating a unique atmosphere and not sticking to formalities. Achieving "Use people's strength and avoid the weakness, and distribute talents to the best fit positions." Establish HR system with fair, competition, incentive and efficienth.
    Talents Retaining
    Establish the idea of ‘retain talents in career advancement opportunities and enterprise culture’. When the Company plans staff career life, Linyang will also construct a pleasant working atmosphere with the enterprise culture ‘love, family and Linyang’.