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    TOP 10 Shareholders
    Total Number of Shareholders: 15534Due Date: 2013-3-31
    Name of ShareholdersSharesShareholding RatioNature of Shareholders
    Qidong Huahong Electronics Co., Ltd.20400000057.42%Trading with limited conditions
    Nantong Huaqiang Investment Co., Ltd.264000007.43%Trading with limited conditions
    Yu Haijuan120000003.38%Trading with no limited conditions
    Xu Bin63830791.80%Trading with no limited conditions
    GF Xinde Investment Management Co., Ltd.36000001.01%Trading with limited conditions
    Bank of China- Dacheng Fortune Management 2020 Life Cycle Securities Investment Fund30200270.85%Trading with no limited conditions
    CITIC Trust Co., Ltd.- Wudang 1722932280.65%Trading with no limited conditions
    China Construction Bank Corporation - Central European Value Discovery Equity Securities Investment Fund16417760.46%Trading with no limited conditions
    Agricultural Bank of China - Dacheng JingYang Leading Equity Securities Investment Fund16231080.46%Trading with no limited conditions
    National Social Security Fund 41116000000.45%Trading with no limited conditions