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    The crowning touch - Zendai Wudaokou office

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    The crowning touch - Zendai Wudaokou office

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    Good office lighting refers to not only lighting, but also be capable of a variety of different needs, such as embedded or suspended. At present, with the impact of relatively independent employee working and communications, the structural types of office space will be decided directly, because workers would work together in the integrated office area with convenient communications. Therefore, the lighting scheme is different in different applications.

    To this end, we provided a full range of office lighting concepts to meet different needs, each of which includes functionality, economy and aesthetics. In addition to light source color temperature and color rendering, average luminance, comfort, uniformity and safety should all be taken into consideration in office lighting.

    Project Description

    1. Zhengda Wudaokou office building is invested by Shanghai Zhengda Property Limited and developed by Shanghai Zhengda Wudaokou Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. The project was positioned as international grade-A office space, which located in the center of Pudong, connecting Lujiazui CBD in the west, neighboring Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park and Jinqiao Export Processing Zone in the east, and occupying the core point of Pudong business territory. It is the most dynamic and the most appreciation potential business zone in Shanghai.

    2. Due to the difference between the natures of work, significant contrast exists in the lighting of office area. The luxurious conference room applies soft lights with light arrangement, so that the even lights without dark area will bring good light environment. Intelligent control system was adopted which will be convenient for conference presentations while saving time as well.

    3. LED panel light was applied in the office area without glare, which could protect eyesight, saving spaces and integrate with the overall style of the office. In the bright office space, it improves the work efficiency, so that employers could work easily in the pleasant office atmosphere.

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    Panel Lamp, Down Lamp, Ceiling Down Lamp

    The crowning touch - Zendai Wudaokou office The crowning touch - Zendai Wudaokou office The crowning touch - Zendai Wudaokou office