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    LED Smart Light Source

    Intelligent control system

    Intelligent control system


    • Realize controlling the switch, dimming and color mixing by using the mobile phone and pad;

    • Using the light according to the need, time-delay and dimmable switch;

    • Simulated solar features: dynamic simulation of the CCT and brightness of the sun at the different time in the daytime;

    • Natural wake-up alarm clock functions: set the alarm on bulb, then gradient light up after the fixed time;

    • One-touch control functions: set the most comfortable light environment depending on the scene;

    • Music color lights functions: Light color changing with music.


    • Underlying communication using NXP's Jennet-IP communications technology, each lamp has a globally unique IPV6 address;

    • Underlying hardware can support ZHA(Zigbee Home Automation), ZLL(Zigbee Light Link) standards;

    • Large network capacity can support 400 nodes;

    • Wide color range can completely cover the range of sRGB;

    • Adopt temperature acquisition and compensation technology to ensure the bulb’s color consistency at different temperatures.