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    Two Major Scientific Research Projects Successfully Passed the Provincial Appraisal

    On September 8, 2019, Industry and Information Technology Department of Jiangsu hosted an appraisal meeting on the new product prototypes of "SM150 Smart Electricity Meter" and "LY-DC12 Data Concentrator" independently developed by Jiangsu Linyang Energy Co., Ltd. This appraisal committee is composed of 7 experts from well-known universities and key scientific research institutions in the province, and jointly appraises the two new products launched by the company this time.


    Project team introduced two new products of " SM150 Smart Meter ", "LY - the model DC12 data concentrator". Experts assess the two new products with highly affirmation by the debrief, reviewing related information, such as prototype show links. The expert appraisal committee agreed that the overall technology of both products has reached the international advanced level.

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    Among them, the key technology of "SM150 smart electricity meter" is granted with three invention patents. The key technology of "BPC intelligent electricity meter" is granted with 3 invention patents, among which 1 invention patent has been authorized.

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    Nowadays, scientific and technological achievements have become the basic way for enterprises to realize substantial economic growth. Through the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, scientific and technological achievements can truly form the productive forces and economic benefits growth points.