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    Linyang Energy Exhibited at CAMENERGY 2019

    The three-day CAMENERGY 2019 was held in Phnom penh, Cambodia, on Sept. 18, 2019. Sponsored by AMB, the exhibition attracted exhibitors from China, Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia and other countries and regions, mainly involving power infrastructure equipment.
    In recent years, the Cambodian is having developed its economy at a rate of more than 7%. Its government is releasing and executing the liberal at the fastest speed in Southeast Asia, known as the "Asian economic new tiger". However, its power infrastructure is still weak and so we have a greater potential market there. The exhibition is good platform opportunity for customers to know about Linyang and its products.


    As one of the exhibitors of several meter manufacturers, Linyang Energy demonstrated ,according to current situation of Power market in Cambodia, P2C (Power to Cash), integrated solution of renewable energy Power generation and energy storage, smart meters, AMI and vending system, residential smart meters and industrial smart meters etc., hoping to provide practice solutions for Cambodia market regarding energy management, energy metering and energy charge. At the same time, Linyang smart meter comprehensive anti-tampering technology, reliable communication technology and revenue management system will undoubtedly bring the Cambodian people a good experience in electricity.

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    The exhibition demonstrated Linyang products and solutions by video broadcast, displaying board, model demonstration, technical communications etc. Among them, representatives of relevant enterprises from many countries and customers showed strong interest in P2C integrated energy solutions provided by Linyang, and conducted technical communication on the spot. At the same time, they affirmed and praised Linyang's technology and innovation ability in the energy field.

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    Linyang Energy always upholds the vision of "Be a Global Leading Operation and Service Provider in Decentralized Energy and Energy Management" and continues to speed up the layout of globalization.  Participating the CAMENERGY 2019 has helped us explore more opportunities in global markets.