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    LINYANG Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995 as a manufacturer of Electronic Energy Meter in the beginning stage. As the economy in China developed rapidly and the demand of electronic energy meter increased yearly for transformation of power grid infrastructure, LINYANG grew extremely fast based on the hard efforts and contribution by the whole staff of the company. Through the development since its foundation up to now, LINYANG has become one of TOP 3 Energy Meter suppliers in China, with over 3000 employees and energy metering products & solutions covering normal Energy Meter, Smart Meter, Data Collector & Concentrator, Master Station Software and some energy meter components including Meter Case, Relay, Shunt, CT And Mechanical Register, etc. It has a huge production capacity of over 23 million units of various energy meters and energy management devices, which made it one of the biggest manufacturers of energy meter in the whole world.

    On August 8, 2011, the company was successfully listed onto Shanghai Stock Exchange (http://english.sse.com.cn/) as a public company with stock code 601222, which was an important milestone of its development history.   

    Through the rapid growth of the company, LINYANG has built up strong capital which made it able to expand its business to other potential business fields. Since 2004, it has successively established subsidiary companies to produce and supply various Solar Photovoltaic Products, including Solar Panel, Solar PV Inverter, Solar PV Junction Box and Connector. In 2012, the subsidiary Jiangsu LINYANG Renewable Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was founded as a Solution Provider of complete Solar PV Systems, from Solar Power Plant to middle and small-size home-use on-grid/off-grid systems, Solar Streetlight and solar system components such as special installation racks, etc.   

    In addition, as Energy becomes more and more expensive worldwide, LINYANG has seen the great potential of energy-saving industry, especially LED lighting products. In 2012, it established a new business unit to design, manufacture and supply LED Lighting Products & Solutions, covering applications of commercial lighting, residential lighting and industrial lighting areas. This important decision has been proven to be great as the LED Business Unit grew quite fast since its foundation, getting sales contracts of almost USD 5 million within the 1st half of 2013, while targeting a great growth potential in 2014 and the future.   

    Now, LINYANG has become a comprehensive group with business covering three major industries: Smart Energy, Energy Saving and Renewable Energy, with various products & solutions for those fields. As all these industries are relating to Energy, which will become more and more precious and expensive in the future worldwide, LINYANG has great confidence about its future potential and development. The company holds an ambitious objective to be “Leading in Smart Energy, Energy Saving & Renewable Energy”, with a great vision to “To Build A Century-lasing LINYANG, To Create A World-famous Smart Meter Brand and To Become A Leading Supplier for Global Smart Grids”.

    LINYANG, under rapid growth and development, is now expecting business partners from all over the world, to join your hands with us, under the business principle to “Cooperate Sincerely for Mutual Benefits”. Let’s work together to make contribution to the development of Energy Industry of the human kind, for a smarter, cleaner and greener world in the future.